The Expectations Vs. Reality



Expectations, what can we think about? Is it what pushes us? Holds us back? or what just makes things seem impossible or puts too much power to someones head? expectations in society seem to be a major issue in today’s world. you can see it just about everywhere you turn from schools, to the office,  the store, and even in your own home. Although most expectations are good ones, the reality is what really matters and makes an impact on expectations. why? The reality is what is going to make something a challenge or impossible in any given situation. Most realities however, can be fixed and modified to end with the expectation desired. However, in order to get that result one must understand the expectations Vs. Reality theory and in this article will be covered an analyzed idea of the theory from my perspective and how i use it. Note i am not an expert on this i just feel like sharing some ideas and tips to help others kind of gain an idea how it works.

When you look on YouTube, do you ever see any videos titled “Expectations Vs. Reality”? if you have seen any of these videos but have not watched them I recommend you do to kind of gain a better insight along with this article. Now, if you have seen this type of video before you probably know that the whole point was to show what someone expects from something but does not get that expectation and is hit with reality. These videos represent what happens everyday  in the real world. In fact, Expectations Vs. Reality happens everyday to every single person. This is what no longer makes it a theory but a norm. However, in my opinion it remains a theory because most times the reality can be the desired expectation but it takes these few steps.

  1. Knowing the in’s and Out’s of what the expectation is on. that way you can save yourself that heartbreak of reality.
  2. Be prepared for anything and I mean anything. never go into any situation without AT LEAST TWO plans to fall back on. this goes for school, work, and even social life.
  3.  Learn to have a beast mentality. having this mentality will allow you to use the AAA’s Asses, Adapt, Attack.

These are some basic tips for beginners and will develop more strongly after practice. Stay tuned to the blogged to see what a Beast mentality is and how to use it.




School-To-Prison Pipeline


This writing is for research on school-to-prison pipeline across the U.S and is not a soul reflection of my current high school.


“In the past decade, the punitive and overzealous tools and approaches of modern criminal justice system have seeped into our schools, serving to remove children from mainstream, educational environments funnel them onto a one-way path toward prison….the school-to-prison pipeline is one of the most urgent challenges in education today.” (NAACP, 2005). This statement defines what the educational system has come to. Not a system of learning and social communication but a system of incarceration. Stealthily, The school-to-prison pipeline is a deadly way  to send students out of the educational system and into the juvenile and adult jail systems via the “zero tolerance policies”, putting more money into making school environments feel like jails, and the lack of the true meaning of what it means to educate students and not make money off of them by sending them to the system. Despite the fact that there are some bad students in every school.

In order to understand this pipeline one must understand the zero tolerance policies. The “zero tolerance policies” are rules put in place to harshly punish students for minor offenses such as uniforms, gum, being tardy, and just minor things that should not affect a student’s record. Sadly, zero tolerance policies are put in place in almost every school across the country. As a matter of fact, these policies mostly affect African-Americans and Hispanics(people of color). For example, a Caucasian male can skip school and get a detention or a call home. On the other hand, if a student of color did that the police would be called, and that student would face a harsh punishment usually resulting in them being put into the system. These “zero tolerance policies” play a major role in the school-to-prison pipeline because it is the system’s main source of power which gives them the ability to abuse the system. This method is why most students appear into the system because of the unreasonable and harsh conditions of zero tolerance.

By the same token of  Zero Tolerance, the amount of money schools put into security guards and things to police students is higher than how much would cost to provide better learning tools. Also, security is a prime example of how schools relate to prisons. Security is in schools for protection not to lush their weight around like it’s a jail house. The amount of money school systems put into security is taking  away from what’s really needed in schools. In school a student is there for academic learning and communication. However, that changes when its guys walking around with guns watching you 24/7. All the money they put in enforcing students can be in better use in another problem schools face. They make everything in the schools feel like prison. Examples are: uniforms, telling when you can and can’t do something, talking to you like you are not human, harsh punishments and rules which makes students feel as if they are on lockdown and like their rights don’t matter. These characteristics can be found in almost every jail system, but why in education systems? Coincidentally, it’s as if they want to set students up for a life of incarceration instead of success.

Equally important, the school-to-prison pipeline takes away from what it means to educate students. This can be found in classrooms where teachers will focus more on conduct and discipline versus the lesson that really needs to be taught. Controversial notes can be how teachers talk to students as if their voice does not matter or like they don’t have feelings. This is all under the rule of the school-to-prison pipeline. Teachers can sometimes talk hurtful to students making them feel hurt or less of their selves. Which intentionally also triggers bad behavior and minor infractions with a harsh consequences via the “zero tolerance policies” . The educational system of today seems more focused on getting kids into the system but sadly it’s the wrong system. Jails and schools should not be making money off of kids they put in the system. Instead, that should not even exist. Ironically, the reality of it all is that it does.

Under those circumstances, school-to-prison pipeline is just another way to keep the balance of power into the wrong hands. Wrongfully Making money off of children by giving them a bad future is not education at all. Clearly it’s straight corruption and should not be allowed in the first place. Both systems need good revisions and need to start over with how they expect to have a successful country. Because putting students into the system for money will not be a good consequence for the future. However, some will argue that students need to be punished which is true to a certain extent. The students need to be helped not hurt and putti them into the system is not helping them at all. If they get in the system there will be no hope for them at all. As a result, the zero tolerance policies need to be abolished and better methods of approach should be taken to better help students. The poisonous school-to-prison pipeline is not a magic fruit and it will continue to ruin education until it is stopped.

The Questions That Remain Unanswered About Education

  • When will students have a say in education?
  • When will money never be an issue but the issue being equiping students with the necessary skillsmto be competitive in the 21st century?
  • When will schools no longer be set up like jail systems giving students their freedoms to be treated as mature young scholars?
  • When will it really be about the students?
  • When will zero tolerance policies stop setting kids up for incarceration?
  • What is the vision and mission statement that applies to all schools?
  • What is being taught to students to help them in their future?
  • Is it about money or about the future of society if schools fail to provide students with the tools to shape the future positively?
  • Who’s fault will be when the educational system failed to give students the skills to make a change or shape the future?

    Think about it. But time is on no ones side.

    What Schools Should Teach Students

    1. How to socialize with diverse populations.
    2. How to apply for a job.
    3. How to manage personal finances.
    4. How to voice ideas and get involved in communities, and the country.
    5. Medical First aid.
    6. How to be a leader.
    7. How to not give up.
    8. How to adapt to different environmemts.
    9. How to plan for your future.
    10. How to succeed in a forever growing, innovating, changing world.

    A Famous Quote For Inspiration


           Oprah Winfrey has been an inspiration for many people who consistently work hard day in and out to create a better life for themselves. Her words can almost make a person feel lucky and have hope for themselves. However, one of her quotes which made a strong logical point will leave a person thinking about how they view the feeling of luck. Oprah stated, “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky.” That statement can make a person see things different and maybe gain appreciation for the luck, opportunities given to them, and how much they can accomplish in life as goals or just as a challenge. As a result, I agree with this quote and feel like this quote relates to everyday life of everyone.

           Let’s try to break this quote down to kind of gain an understanding. Oprah said “Luck is a preparation meeting opportunity.” When you feel lucky about something even the little things think about it are you prepared for what’s going to happen? Sometimes it’s a yes sometimes it’s a no. When you are prepared when that opportunity comes up and it’s time for you to show what you have, you can really consider yourself lucky. Why? Because most people are put in opportunities and situations where luck is hard to come by. When you strike that luck when an opportunity falls into your hands, you feel the confidence, drive, passion and feel less of the fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts. With that being said, Oprah is saying if you don’t prepare for opportunities and challenges to overcome, how can you be lucky if you are going into the situation blind with no preparation. Even the slightest bit of preparation can make a difference and give you that momentum which is usually referred to as “luck”. Oprah’s term of luck in this quote was basically momentum due to the fact that if you prepare for something to happen whether big or small you will have an advantage or confidence in what you are doing. That momentum comes from the preparation which causes you to work up momentum over time until it’s time to face the challenge of opportunity. 

    How to Have a Clear Positive Head In 2017 and Moving Foward

          It’s that time of the of the year where it is time for a fresh start. However ,most people get that chance because their mind tends to focus on other things that does not really matter. Yes, it’s New Years, and very New Years people go out drink and party and get out of touch with the reality. That one conflict they have within theirselves which is their self. In order to make the New Year better than the last, a person must look at their self. Talk to their self and evaluate their life before the new year. Think about what went wrong, what went right, the environment they surround theirselves with and determine what can change for the better. That one conflict is what makes a person acheive less and fail more often and gets them stuck in a hole they can’t dig out of.  Though this may be hard, the reward of doing this a great benefit.

          Thinking about the things that went wrong a essential key to planning for the years ahead. This is basically a person looking at all their mistakes, pulling out the lessons they learned from them and putting them in their memory for the following year. This can be mistakes on the person’s job, school or  personal life it doesn’t matter beacause in every mistake a lesson is learned and the person will always benefit from it. Rather than focusing on the blaming someone else for it happening like most like to do to take away guilt from their head, it’s important that the person focusses on the lessons learned.

          Equally important,  thinking about what went right goes hand in hand with what went wrong. Although most people have alot of rough spots in the year, they also have good spots whether it was recognition for hard work, achieving a small goal or meeting a new love there are good spots in everyone’s year. They may just seem to be a bit spread out more than the bad times. Taking the good momments and building a foundation for improvement on them will set a person up for a really good year. There is nothing like improving in even the smallest thing even if you’re already good at it. The reward of doing so will boost confidence which will prepare you for brand new challenges to face with momentum already built up. 

          Furthermore, the environment a person puts thier self in plays a key role to the development of a better mindset. Because the environment is a major influence to the brain. If a person is in the wrong environment then the person’s mind is in the wrong place. In order to have a better mindset exposure to a better environment is necessary in order for the process to work and it cannot be stressed enough. 

            Although, the current year was bad that does not mean the new year can’t be a better one. Having the positive attitude and determination to make the new year better will also affect the person’s lifestyle and ability to be more confident in life. Think of confidence as momentum as younstep upntomthe plate  and you wanna make this homerun on the year and beat all odds thats stood against you. This strategy will set a person up to do just that. Gain confidence, build that momentum, to strike that and make a homerun. But this conflict this change does not Start and spreads  in the air, it starts within the person. So the question is the person gonna make a homerun or strike out?